Programme 2017

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents- Emilie Buchwald

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

For schools by Invitation - The Neev Literature Festival will feature what is probably the biggest exhibition of children’s books in the city. This exhibition is a carefully curated aspect of the festival meant to enrich the scheduled workshops on reading, writing and regional stories for children from age 4yrs to 18yrs, split into multiple age groups with longer workshops for older children and brief, multiple sessions for younger ones.

The exhibition will feature exploratory reading spaces and activity spaces to engage and motivate its prime audience—children, into sampling and eventually reading beyond the usually well-marketed but not always enriching literature.

Children and parents will find the exhibition coherent in its organisational principle to foreground enriching and challenging resources for children of all ages from pre-schoolers to pre-university students.

Booksellers known for their sense of curatorship rather than for their commercial presence will partner with significant and renowned publishers to create the most balanced representation of books across genres, languages, themes and reading levels as the current state of children’s publishing will allow.

Ages Workshop Title Themes Sub Categories
Ages 4-7 Years Story telling ,Puppet show ,Fantasy (Fairytales, song based poetry, action based games) FANTASY Regional Literature, world of giants , enchanted forest , crumble , dive into the sea of sharks , famous animals - what they think, their family structure, galloping in the world of horse , under the Earth of moles , mythological mayhem , World of Curiosity
Ages 8-11yrs Story telling ,Foundation literature (Myths, Folktales, Stories associated with culture) Doodling ,Book review ,writing, Poetry WHO LET THE GODS OUT? Greek, Indian, Scottish, African, Egyptian
Ages 12-15 yrs Blogging ,Exploration ,Gamifying literature OH, THE PLACES YOU WILL GO! Armchair Travel, Gotham City ,Neverland, Narnia, Hogwarts ,Treasure Island , Disk World
Ages 16-18 yrs Spoken word poetry , Creative writing , Debate stories (My Voice, Creating Literature, Converting to different media) , Screen Play writing WHAT'S YOUR STORY? FINDING YOUR VOICE Exhibition of stories , are books passé , Exploring and creating literature, what themes will we explore in future? , Slam Poetry , Biographies , Screen Writing , Journalism , Song writing , Gamifying Literature , Terribly Tiny Tales , Graphic Novels , Creative non-fiction , Digital Storytelling , Blogging