September 27th, 2018
Workshops for Day 0
02:00 - 03:30
Katie Day

"Texts and Transformations" -- which would look at the different ways stories can be transformed (linguistically, visually, or physically) to enable or enhance their transmission -- with a focus on books for middle/high school students. This would include graphic novel versions of prose texts, large print editions of YA novels, young readers' editions of adult books, re-imagined re-tellings, adaptations, abridgments, etc.

Dalbir Kaur

Selection, Choice & Engagement: Curating Libraries to Raise Readers & Thinkers
Selecting books for libraries and classrooms to raise readers who think, discuss & write about their books. Building a curated list of books to serve the diverse needs of your readers and curriculum. Empowering the teacher, reader and parent through book- selection & book recommendation. Books to share & talk - 
Recommendations for 2018

03:30 - 03:45
Tea / Break
03:45 - 04:45
Aloha Lavina

The 21C Librarian: Changing Form and Clarifying Identity

In a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA), the forms of roles in schools metamorphose to address new needs of learners. How has school changed in response to the changing world? How has the role of the library in the 21C school setting changed? Exploring the questions of: Who are we? Why are we doing this? and Why are we doing this, this way? this interactive presentation takes us through the changing form of the library in the midst of clarifying identity and the implications for education in a changing world.

04:45 - 05:00
Tea / Break
05:00 - 06:30
Chintan Girish Modi

Let's Talk Gender: A two-hour workshop with teachers 
Contrary to popular misconceptions, gender equality is not about making boys more like girls, and girls more like boys. In fact, gender equality is aimed at treating everyone with dignity and respect, and providing them with opportunities to learn and flourish, regardless of their gender identity. This workshop will help teachers think critically and compassionately about how to facilitate discussions in their own classroom about sensitive topics such as gender roles, patriarchy, masculinity, femininity, sexuality, body shaming and gender based violence.

Light dinner for people travelling far. Transport to central locations provided
Transport to central locations provided.